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Currently, Etherum (ETH) is the second most valuable coin after Bitcoin (BTC) is a very potential coin currently 1 ETH costs about 300$ at the time of writing and according to my prediction, it is still increased many times over. So how can I own it, please answer that you can trade or dig today I will guide you to download ETH mining tool for AMD + NVIDIA vga.

Step 1 : You need to create yourself a wallet to store ETH or ETC on , if you do not know how to create a wallet, you can go here to see instructions on creating a wallet on this exchange

Step 2 : You proceed to download the ETH, ETC and some other coins by following the links below. This link I took directly from the mining pool, so everyone can use it with confidence. The download link is constantly updated to the latest versions for you:

Step 3 : After downloading the corresponding mining tool, you proceed to extract the downloaded file and find the file  mine_eth if you want to dig ETH or  mine_etc if you want to dig ETC …. Here I mine ETC, so I will guide Mine_ETC, for ETH you guys do the same. You right click on the file Mine_etc as shown below -> and click edit

Step 4 : After clicking Edit, edit your ETC wallet address in the section I circled in red as shown below:

  • After editing the wallet address, go to File and click Save as shown below

  • After saving the file Mine_etc, you proceed to run the file Mine_etc just saved as shown below:

  • If you see it running as shown below, you have successfully run the tool:

Step 5 : After the mining tool runs for about 30 minutes, you can now track how much it has dug, you visit the page:

* Next, paste the address of your ETH or ETC wallet that you have edited in the Digging Tool in the Your wallet address box and press Enter as shown below:

  • As shown above, my machine is digging and the speed is 387.83Mh/s and the average mining speed is 431.38 Mh/s, and at this speed, I will get about 1.35 ETC every day.

Binance Exchange

Binance  is a cryptocurrency exchange currently ranked Top 1 in the world, with a huge volume of cryptocurrency trading at the time of writing this article, the 24-hour trading volume on Binance exchange is about over 100 Billion USD, this is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by the big man Changpeng Zhao, from Shanghai. Because it is a large exchange, the number of UK / Em traders in the world in general and Vietnam in particular on this exchange is very large, so the liquidity is very high. Why is Binance so trusted and used by so many traders?

  • Firstly : Binance is the exchange with the cheapest trade fees compared to current exchanges, if you have ever traded on this exchange, it will be clear.
  • Second : Support a lot of coins, most of the good coins are listed by Binance.
  • Tuesday : The coins listed on Binance are all thoroughly checked, if during the operation of any coin that does not meet the requirements as the roadmap will be Delisted from the exchange immediately.
  • Wednesday : As I said above, this is the world’s largest exchange, so trade orders will be easily matched.
  • Thursday : Binance exchange has a support team and community in Vietnam to support in Vietnamese, so it’s very easy if your account fails.

Instructions to register for a Binance account

Step 1 : You access the homepage  -> A registration form will appear, click on it to register for a Binance account.

Step 2 : Please fill in all the information in the Binance Registration Form  as shown .below


  • Email: Please  enter your email address.
  • Password : Have you filled pasword must be numeric characters , uppercase , lowercase and at least 8 characters in themselves then, for example ok Password: Ab @ 13meomeo
  • Confirm Password : Please re-enter the password as above.
  • Check I agree to Binance Binance Terms  of Use

-> Then click register to Register an account with Binance, it will appear as shown below:

  • Here, you drag the top image into its correct box.

Step 3 : After dragging the image into the correct box, Binance will send an account activation Email to the Emaladdress you registered in step 2, click on the link that Binance sent to activate your account (Save Note if there is no Mail in the inbox, please go to Spam to see if there is any mail).

  • Click on verify Email to activate your account.

-> Ok here we have successfully created an account with Binance, now we proceed to Login to the Binance account we just created and proceed to install 2-layer security (2FA) .

Guide to Two-Factor Security (2FA) on Binance

2FA 2-layer security on Binance, the purpose is to increase the security of your account (turning on 2FA will make your account safer to avoid unwanted intrusion from Hackers, you should use the function now).

Note : Currently 2FA security on Binance is required if you want to Deposit / Withdraw coins.

Before proceeding to enable 2FA, if you are not fluent in English, you should change the language on Binance to Vietnamese for easy understanding.

To enable 2-layer security function (2FA) on Binance, you must first log in to your binance account -> then go to the Security  section in the right corner of the account -> and look down to see the Security  section as shown below. :

  • Click on Security, a window will appear as shown below:
  • Clicking Enable will display the QR code of binance as shown below.

  • There are 2 security ways: Google Confirmation and SMS Authentication, here you can choose one of these two ways, but to be sure, you can enable both of these security functions:

* Secure with Google Confirm 

  • You click ” Enable ” in the Confirm Google section, Binance will ask you to download Google Authenticator or Authy to your phone, but I recommend you to use Auhty instead of Authenticator because Authy has a very Backup feature. better and more effective than Google Authenticator (this has been verified and used by me for more than 5 years, very safe and convenient).

  • After downloading Auhty to your phone, click Next as shown above, a message will appear  Scan QR code with Google Authenticator application

Note : Here you need to backup the key + QR code of Binance before clicking enable 2FA (you should take a photo or Scan the QR Code and copy these 16 characters on paper or leave it somewhere safe, here is the information. In the future, unfortunately, you lose your phone or your phone is broken, you can rescan the QR code or enter the 16 characters above to recover your account, many of you don’t backup this when you lose your phone and want to switch to it. Can’t install it on another machine.

* After you have saved the QR code + key and now you open Authy or Google Authenticator downloaded to your phone before, proceed to scan the QR code.

  • After scanning the QR code, press next, Binance will warn, Please write down this Key on a piece of paper. It will help you to restore your Google Authenticator in case your phone is lost. If you don’t save when asking for unlocking support, it takes up to 7 days to unlock. You click Next
  • A window asks to enter the Email Verification code and Google Verification Code as shown below:

  • Email Verification Code: You click Send code and go to the email that you have registered for a Binance account, this is a 6-digit code . If you don’t see it in your inbox, look in Spam (sometimes it jumps there). After you have the code, copy and Paste it into the Email verification code box.
  • Google verification code: This code is a code that will appear including 6 numeric characters that you used to scan the QR code with your phone (Note: This code will only be available for about 30 seconds and the code changes continuously. you guys).

  • After entering both codes above, you click Submit,  if the Google confirmation box appears disabled as shown below, we have successfully turned on 2FA.

=> Ok here you have successfully turned on 2FA with Google confirmation, now you can deposit / Withdraw coins normally very safely. However, for more security, you can always keep the SMS verification function safe.

 * Secure with SMS Authentication

 Also in the security window in the SMS authentication section, click Enable as shown below:

  • A window appears asking us to authenticate as shown below:

  • Enter your phone number : You choose +84 as the area code for Vietnam, then enter your phone number and put the 0 in front of the phone number. For example, if my phone number is: 0911066740, I will remove the 0 and leave: 911066740.
  • SMS verification code: You click Send code and check your phone will receive a code of 6 numeric characters, you enter that code in the sms verification code box.
  • Email verification code: You also click Send code, and go to Email copy the 6-digit code that Binance has just sent and Paste into the Email verification code box.
  • Google Verification Code: Open the Authy or Google Authenticator you scanned earlier and enter the 6-character code into the Google verification code box.

=> After you have filled in all the above codes, click Submit

  • If you see the SMS Authentication section saying Disabled as shown below, it’s ok.

-> Ok so I have shown you how to successfully secure 2FA on Binance exchange.

Instructions for Identity Verification (KYC) on Binance

Note : Identity verification (KYC) is only required for those who trade more than 2 BTC / 1 day with Biance, and those who deposit less than 2 BTC do not need it. But I recommend that you conduct identity verification because it is very important, for example, later on your account loses 2FA but you forget to save the QR code and 16 characters, then KYC will work. many of you called and texted me asking me if I had lost my phone and forgot to save 16 characters when 2FA was turned on, and didn’t verify the identity at this time, your account is very difficult to recover, but if you have KYC then restore 2FA very easy, because many of you encounter case took the phone and asked me, so I had an article separate guidance on this section you encountered may be V halter for instructions on how to recover 2FA when you lose your phone.

Another note is that to KYC on Binance, you must use a phone or computer with a Camera to KYC.

* Step 1 : On your Binance account  -> you go to the Verification section

  • You click Verify will appear as shown below:

  • In the section to confirm your identity, click Verify, then in the personal information section, click Verify next.

  • After clicking verify, a KYC window appears and asks to select a country as shown below:

  • After selecting the country, click Start

  • ID number: Enter your ID number or CCCD in this box.
  • Full name: You write exactly as in the proof
  • Date of birth: Please write the same as proof: Year/Month/Day
  • Address of residence: Please write the correct address as your identity card, not the address where you live.
  • Postal code: Depending on the province, there are different postal codes, you can click here to see the list of postal codes of your province.
  • City: You write as in your ID card
  • Check the box By  clicking this button, I confirm that I am authorized to provide the personal information presented and I agree to have my information checked with the document issuer or storage department. official data storage through third party systems for the purpose of confirming my identity.

-> Then click Continue,  if there is a successful basic verification message as shown below, step 1 is complete. Click Go to Advanced Verification.

Step 2 : Advanced Verification

  • After clicking Go to advanced verification, a window as shown below appears, select ID and click continue.

  • A window asks us to upload the front and back of the ID card as shown below:

  • You can click take a photo / or upload a photo to prove it. Note: you must take a clear picture or it will not be confirmed.
  • After uploading a photo of the front and back of your ID card, click continue. A window asks us to take a picture of our face

Note : no face photo editing, no makeup, no screenshots and finally no hat, take a clear picture of the face. Then upload and pressContinue, to start the verification

  • A face photo window pops up, Note: in this step you must use a new phone. when showing your face on Binance AI will ask you to do actions such as blinking, shaking your head, nodding … if ok, there will be a message as shown below

  • In about 2 hours there will be a notification whether your kyc has been accepted.

=> Ok so I have guided you through KYC to successfully verify the identity of your Binance account.

As for the fact that you are a business and want unlimited withdrawals, please contact Biance directly.

Register for a Binance account now :

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