AI-Powered Operation Management System

An automated system, save your costs and boost your revenue.

Easy to use functions. Interactive reports. Create efficiency. Manage your staff productivity.
In-depth investigate your revenue opportunity and manage your operation costs at the department level.

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Revenue Management

Based on that, you can make the right pricing strategy, well-prepared Feeding our forecasting algorithms with high-level trending techniques, we confidently bring you the highest accuracy you ever reach before, and we believe it will benefit your business far beyond your imagination, from the pricing strategy to the cost-effective plans in your operation management.

Besides that, you will love our feature: Multiple Revenue-Generating Factors Detection, which helps you to make the best plan for your revenue strategy.


Labor Management

Centralize and streamline your labor cost management job with the lesser your effort but better your staff productivity performance.

The function completely supports operation managers in order to achieve the cost target. Estimating workload demand will be done automatically for a specific day in the future, then the actionable decisions will be suggested based on your financial targets.


Food Cost Management

There is no doubt that food cost control is a significant priority for any food and beverage operation. By using cost-control technology, F&B managers can achieve the food cost target with minimal effort.

The system provides real-time monitoring and automatic recommendation in action with respect to fluctuate daily demand. Our use cases shows that food cost has dropped more than 300,000$ after 12 months implementation.


Hotel Quality Management

Leverage data from OTA reviews and hotel available data, this function identifies the hotel’s issues and provides actions based on what-if scenarios analysis to manage Guest Experiences, Hotel Quality & Reputation.