Advanced Statistics

Our advanced analytics solutions are infused with the innovative algorithms that can help to unlock the potential opportunities hidden in data. Resolving problems with less time and costs.

Machine Learning

Automating feature engineering to make better recommendations and faster, smarter decisions. Training automatically on collections of individual models to create highly predictive ensemble models.

Deep Learning

Proposing a new forecasting structure: predicting first-level data which are not only makes sense in making decisions but can also be used as hidden layers to enhance the final forecast.

Artificial Intelligence

Providing innovative solutions to increase productivity and magnify your impact. Fruitful AI algorithms are implanted in our software to provide you with more intuitive, automated solutions.

Transform your business. Define what's next.

Powerful solutions help you maximize customer value, reduce risk, and grow business.


Driving your hotel revenue, reducing operation costs, creating labor productivity and optimizing quality service with our explainable AI-powered system.


Financial Services

Revolutionize your business with Big data advantages and our AI solutions for customer segmentation, fraud detection, risk management and personalized.


OTA Hotel Sale

Increasing online customers. Increasing brand coverage. Increasing revenue from OTA channel. Strategic advice for OTA channel. Website data security. Reduce staff costs for the hotel.


HR Solution

Providing professional services in providing Human Resource Solution services in Vietnam and countries around the globe. Our services will contribute to reducing costs and optimizing operational efficiency for many businesses.


Dashboard Design On-demand

Visualizing data from many of entrepreneur’s reports, review performance quickly and make decisions correctly in some field such as finance, sales, marketings etc. Methodology: BI tools (Tableau, Power BI, …)


Online Business

This is a package service that contains some utilities of apparel sales to connect your brand to global customers and help make a shortcut in increasing your business revenue.


Analyst IT

UI / UX Design Provider: Interact directly with customers to sketch and understand customers’ wishes, create a complete UI / UX model. Support and consult customers to create logical user flow.


AI Solution for Computer Vision

Provide AI application for Fake Human, Object Detection, some problems about Object Classification. Text Detection in many types of document: license plate, identity card (ID), notice board, logo …



QT-Data Inc. specializes in providing data-driven solutions to any kind of business. We help our customers become the leader in their industry by discovering hidden insight in the data that their competitors don’t have access to.

In this age where technology dominates, using and understanding big data is a crucial competitive advantage for leading corporations. Inspired by the power of big data and its applications, we dedicate efforts to help our customers can leverage insights from the massive complex datasets for product improvements and reaching their target.


  • Flexibility, adaptability, innovations and aggressiveness in market trends.
  • Providing in-depth insights solutions.
  • Centralizing and streamlining operation process.
  • Ability of bringing academic to practice world.
About QT-Data
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Henry Duong / CEO / QT-Data Inc.

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Aiden Smith / CTO / QT-Data Inc.

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Selena Pott / COO / QT-Data Inc.

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