What is QT-Cores?

QT-Cores specializes in finding new insights and capitalization of enterprise data by combining analytics and ML algorithms. They are used for creating a software suite that can manage and retrieve data from a variety of sources, perform statistical analysis and deep learning model on it.

Main Features of QT-Cores


  • Data Preprocessing (normal data & cruise) & Visualization (outlier detection,…)
  • List of predictive models
  • Monitoring and report system (parameter analysis for reinforcement, worst cases analysis, performance measure,…)
1. Seasonality
  • Holidays effect
  • Two approaches for classification: statistical & machine learning
2. Revenue forecasting
  • Cost drivers detection with linear and non-linear approach.
  • Forecasting models (list of OTB models, list of Revenue driver models and Analyzer)
3. Optimal staffing
  • Cost drivers detection with linear and non-linear approach.
  • Predictive model
4. Foodcost
  • Predictive model (foodcost %, estimate daily inventory + food revenue forecast, daily food purchase,…)


1. Trading system
  • Prototype for portfolio optimization (Reinforcement Learning, Sentiment Analysis)
2. Consumer lending & Mortgage
  • Models (RAROC,…)